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Princess bed


Shipping time: 4 weeks

Size: 100 x 211 x 110

Colors to choose. Standard: light pink, light gray, blue. You can choose a color from outside the palette.

Princess cot is the perfect resting place for every little princess. His design perfectly combines beautiful design with practicality. The chic Bon Bon upholstery adds chic.

The bed fits perfectly into the bright, pastel interior of a children's oasis of peace. Particular attention should be paid based on the characteristic arches, which also serves as a decorative and protective pillows against falling out. A comfortable mattress enables comfortable rest and a sound sleep. Princess bed is a great equipment for a children's room.

Upholstery fabrics made in the modern MAXI CLEAN technology limiting the absorption of liquids. Liquid spilled on the fabric (water, coffee, wine) forms into drops and does not penetrate the fabric.

The bed is sold without a mattress.
You can design the furniture in any size.

Delivery: We quote delivery individually based on the location of the destination. In Warsaw, the transport along with the delivery is PLN 0.

Transport is priced individually based on the location of the place of delivery.

Shipping within 21 days.

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